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Afraid to Fall?

$270Purchase required to enroll

Teen/Adult Class: Ages 16+
Level: 101 (New and Returning Students Welcome!)
Winter Session: 10 Weeks (January 6-March 22)
Cost/Session: $280 (Cost based on $27/class plus non refundable registration deposit) Payment plans are available. See our website for more information: http://www.showcircusstudio.com/PaymentPlans-id-145.html
Days Available: Tuesday 6-7:25PM (Starts January 7)
Hours/Week: 1.5

Are you afraid to fall?
This is a natural fear and typical for most humans and animals.
Come play anyway!

Using the playful approach of circus arts, we will step into an exploration of circus movement with intention and delight.

We will discuss and explore a range of postural control techniques, balance strategies, comfort with varied orientations and positions, and will practice safe positions and landings in movement.

We will use the foundational skills used to train both ground arts (object manipulation/juggling, tightwire, rolla bolla, tumbling, flex training, partner acrobatics and games) and aerial skills (fabric, trapeze, sling) to challenge the body and mind in a gradual and responsive format.

The physical class will be augmented by discussions, personal goal setting, guided visualization and relaxation techniques and ever present encouragement and support in a non-competitive environment.

This class is targeted to brand new beginners and will be self-paced. We want to meet you where you are and guide you in moving forward in your journey to explore the edges of your comfort zone in the circus arts with like-minded folks.

For people looking to learn something new and exciting, circus is a non-competitive, artistic, fun and safe discipline. All classes at SHOW focus on vocabulary retention, interpersonal life skills, and having fun in a safe environment. Circus is a great way to increase self-esteem, have fun, get in shape, improve focus and learn skills that will translate into every aspect of your life. Circus for Fun, Circus for Life.

Cancellation policy Any cancellations before the first day of class will be given a 100% refund minus the non-refundable registration deposit. Any registrations canceled after the first class are not eligible for a refund. Special exceptions may be made for medical situations. All classes canceled by the studio will be credited to your Pike 13 account based off of the single class rate. Adult students may substitute up to two missed classes during a session as free open studios or labs. Please contact the studio with any questions.
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