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ONLINE: Conditioning for Aerial Inversions

Teen/Adult Class: Ages 16+
: All Level (New and Continuing Students Welcome!)
Online: 45 minute live video class (purchase includes link to Class video, available for 24 hours after class period)
Cost: $7.50
Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm

This conditioning class is designed for aerialists of all levels who want to work on strengthening the major muscle groups we use for inverting in the air. We will focus on hip flexion, core strength, and shoulder stabilization and lat power, and along the way we'll talk about proper form, efficiency, and the importance of order of operations in your muscular efforts. We will begin with a full body-warm up, then spend about 25-30 minutes on a variety of exercises that will work the areas just mentioned, and will finish with a cool down and stretching. There are no prerequisites for this class except a willingness to both work hard and listen to your body, and enough space on your floor to lie down (some cushioning like a yoga mat or carpet is great). It it is recommended that you have (or have had) an aerial practice of some sort so you have an idea of what you're working toward. No equipment is necessary for the class but it will be extremely useful if you have a pull-up bar, a resistance band or mini-bands, and a set of dumbbells in the 8lb-12lb range. Don't have those? Join us anyway!

All classes at SHOW focus on vocabulary retention, interpersonal life skills, and having fun in a safe environment. Circus is a great way to increase self-esteem, have fun, get in shape, improve focus and learn skills that will translate to every aspect of your life. Circus for Fun, Circus for Life.

Registering for this class via Pike13
Find the date of the class you wish to attend via the calendar below and click on it. Follow the directions through to check out.

If multiple members of your household participate, to show support for SHOW's teachers, we invite you to sign everyone up. If you have a Pike13 account, you can reach out to the office via text at (413) 529-4009 or email at info@showcircusstudio.com to register. Once you are enrolled you will receive an email receipt with confirmation, and more information about Zoom Cloud Meetings, and a link to your class.