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Nicole Portwood

Instructor Specialization: Clowning, Unicycle, Juggling

Nicole Portwood, aka Maggie the Clown, of Brimfield, MA has been clowning since she was 17 years old. What began as a summer job in high school at an amusement park turned into a 30 + year (and still going strong!) career. She has clowned professionally that long in venues including Disneyland and Disney World, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and many more. One of her favorite things to do, however, is to teach. Nicole began her training of clowns many years ago when she was hired as a full time instructor for a local entertainment company. This job required her to teach incoming students and prepare them for every show and service offered by the company. Using 4 levels, the students worked their way up attending weekly one on one training sessions until they satisfied each requirement. Additionally, she has also been teaching Clown Workshops for well over two decades (After School Enrichment, Community Centers, Senior Assisted Living, Libraries, Boy/Girl Scouts etc.) and thoroughly enjoys sharing everything she can with whoever has the desire to learn clowning as a craft or simply have fun doing something that might just be a "once in a lifetime" or "bucket list" sort of thing! Whoever you are, she is sure you will enjoy being a clown!
Nicole Portwood