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Henry Wheaton

Executive Director/Owner/Instructor
Specialization: Solo and Duo Trapeze, Tumbling, Partner Acrobatics

Although Henry has followed a meandering path to it, circus seems to be the obvious choice for his career. He first became involved with circus in high school in 1987 as a tech, doing set construction and backstage production. Starting in 1988, Henry had a paid job as a lighting tech for my college theatre. After graduation he took graduate classes at Lesley University and taught for several years in elementary and middle school for a variety of programs at public schools in the Boston area. He also ran a rock climbing program for a two month overnight camp, which introduced him to the principles of safe human suspension and rigging equipment. Henry kept active by participating in ultra distance bike racing, specializing in 24 hour races. In 2007 Henry started taking circus classes, applied to, and was accepted into the Professional Track program at the New England Center for Circus Arts, majoring in duo trapeze and minoring in duo acro. He has been performing professionally since graduation in 2008. Henry is currently the owner and executive director at SHOW Circus Studio in Easthampton, Mass, where he is responsible for rigging and maintaining the aerial equipment, teaching classes, and producing circus shows.
Henry Wheaton