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Aethena Enzer-Mahler

Specialization: Youth Classes, Group Therapy

Aethena first ran away and joined the circus when she was 13, spending three summers at Circus Smirkus camp focusing on tightwire and juggling. Following a 15 year hiatus, she returned to study wire in hopes of returning some (literal) balance to her life. Since 2010 she’s trained on tightwire, tried acrobatics, various aerials and now focuses on aerial fabric.

When not at circus, Aethena is an LICSW and has been practicing as a Child Therapist for over 10 years. She specializes in play and expressive arts therapy as well as utilizing mindfulness, and CBT-inspired techniques. She is particularly interested in the neurobiology of play and the ways in which play can be healing and transformative for people of all ages. Aethena also works with local schools as a mental health consultant. Aethena is excited to be part of the SHOW Circus team and looks forward to bridging her love of circus with her therapeutic work.

Aethena Enzer-Mahler