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  • Aethena Enzer-Mahler

    Specialization: Youth Classes, Group Therapy

    Aethena first ran away and joined the circus when she was 13, spending three summers at Circus Smirkus camp focusing on tightwire and juggling. Following a 15 year hiatus, she returned to study wire in hopes of returning some (literal) balance to her life. Since 2010 she’s trained on tightwire, tried acrobatics, various aerials and now focuses on aerial fabric.

    When not at circus, Aethena is an LICSW and has been practicing as a Child Therapist for over 10 years. She specializes in play and expressive arts therapy as well as utilizing mindfulness, and CBT-inspired techniques. She is particularly interested in the neurobiology of play and the ways in which play can be healing and transformative for people of all ages. Aethena also works with local schools as a mental health consultant. Aethena is excited to be part of the SHOW Circus team and looks forward to bridging her love of circus with her therapeutic work.

  • Allison McDermott

    Specialization: Lyra, Handbalancing

    Allison was first introduced to circus at The Children’s Circus of Middletown in CT. She began teaching circus at camps and schools throughout CT and soon she discovered her love of aerial arts at the New England Center for Circus Arts. In 2011-2012, Allison performed in ArtFarm’s Circus for a Fragile Planet: Submerged as well as performing in Soviet Bloc Party’s Missed Connections in 2012. Allison has recently completed the New England Center for Circus Arts Professional Track Program where she performed in The Flying Nut and Gathered Safely In, as well as Trapeze Teacher Training with Nimble Arts. She is currently teaching and performing in the New England area and is looking forward to sharing her brand of fun, pop circus with the world! Find more about Allison as a performer and teacher at www.allisonmcdermott.com

  • Audrey Hyvonen

    Project Manager

    Audrey Hyvonen currently works with SHOW as Project Manager where she serves as researcher, planner and developer, guiding various projects, with the focused intention of expanding the offerings of circus within the community. She previously worked for two years as the SHOW office manager and before that, was a circus mom. Her enthusiasm for recreational circus is contagious and she is a big promoter of our kids and adult classes alike. She brings a strong background in organizing volunteers in both local schools and farms, a lengthy movement background in the martial arts and a retail history of having worked in health food stores and co-ops since 1990. She trained as an EMT, a doula and a childbirth educator, home-schooled her kids for a handful of years and now works as a fiber artist in her home studio.
  • Catherine Jett

    Specialization: Static Trapeze, Straps

    Catherine Jett found circus as a bored 20-something and has never looked back. She delights in how circus combines athleticism, creativity, and collaboration in one single pursuit! Catherine’s first circus love is the static trapeze, and she also enjoys practicing straps, duo trapeze and mooooost other disciplines she’s tried. Catherine trained at Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance in Boulder, Colorado, then joined the staff at Aloft in Chicago, where she taught for over three years before moving to MA. She has also trained with several Chicago- and Montreal-based coaches. Catherine loves seeing her students get more confident, skilled and strong in her classes!
  • Chenoa Albertson

    Specialization: Trapeze

    Chenoa began her circus career in a youth circus in Californian at the age of 9. In 2012 she attended the Academy of Circus Arts in the UK where she specialized in swinging trapeze and double lyra. After graduation she was hired by Zippos Circus and performed swinging trapeze in their London Christmas Circus and toured with them around the UK during their 2013 season.
  • Daia Bromberg

    Daia Bromberg is a high school student who lives in Easthampton. She took her first circus class when she was 8 years old, at SHOW Circus Studio. Since then she has also trained at Center Ring Circus School in Columbia, Maryland and was a part of their Youth Performance Troupe. She has attended Smirkus Camp, AYCO workshops and festivals, and many day camps at SHOW. Currently, Daia is excited to continue training at SHOW, be a part of their Youth Performance Troupe, and assist in youth camps and classes. Her favorite circus disciplines are trapeze, juggling, tightwire and partner acrobatics but she is continually expanding her interests. Outside of circus, Daia enjoys reading, baking, and petting her two cats.
  • Deborah Chesser

    Specialization: Fabric, Youth Circus

    Deb started circusing in 2011 when she tagged along with a friend to Detroit's Fly House and hasn't looked back since. She has moved and traveled around the US taking classes at NECCA, TSNY DC, Arachne Aerial Arts, and on Hawaii, before finding her home at SHOW. Pre-circus Deb was a rower/coach, and participated in Head of the Charles and Youth National Regatta with Albany Rowing Center, as well as Dad Vail and the Big East Regatta with UConn Crew. She was also a competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer and mentor at UConn, and grew up doing ballet. Deb specializes in fabric, but can often be found around the studio practicing trapeze, juggling, handstands, and acro, and dreaming about German Wheel. She is excited to be training and teaching at SHOW.
  • Hallisey Lawton

    Specialization: Youth Programming, Aerial Arts

    Hallisey adores children and has been working with children for several years. She has worked at countless summer camps and interned at a private preschool throughout college. Her degree was in criminal justice/psychology with the specific background in youth studies. She has worked in home and group facilities with children ranging from 0-17. For the past seven years, she has been a nanny of four and everything that entails. In 2018 Hallisey completed the Nimble Arts teacher training program.

    She started her dive into the world of circus performing about 4 years ago. While her strongest apparatus is Lyra without question she has also trained in partner acrobatics, contortion, aerial cube and duo trapeze. She has also enjoyed an occasional dabble in fabric, cloud swing, tippy lyra, trap top lyra, chains, and bungee hammock.

  • Henry Wheaton

    Executive Director/Owner/Instructor
    Specialization: Solo and Duo Trapeze, Partner Acrobatics, Cube

    Henry first became involved with the theater in high school in 1987 as a tech, doing set construction and lighting. Starting in 1988, Henry was hired as a lighting tech by his college theatre. After getting his undergraduate degree, he went briefly to graduate school and taught for several years in elementary and middle school for a variety of public schools in the Boston area. He also ran a rock climbing program and high ropes course for summer camp, which introduced him to the principles behind anchors and proper use of climbing equipment. Henry kept active by participating in ultra distance bike racing, specializing in 24 hour races. In 2007 Henry started taking circus classes and then applied to the Professional Track program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. Henry majored in duo trapeze and minored in duo acro. He went on to perform professionally after graduation in 2008. Henry is currently the owner and executive director at SHOW Circus Studio in Easthampton, Mass, where he is responsible for rigging and maintaining the aerial equipment, teaching classes, and producing circus shows.
  • Jenna Ciotta

    Instructor Specialization: Lyra, Partner Acrobatics, Pole, Youth Classes

    Jenna Ciotta found circus arts after completing her BA degree. Out of shape and looking for a creative outlet, she signed up for classes at a nearby pole dance studio. Weekly pole class quickly turned into pole, lyra, fabric, contortion, and fire eating. Having danced all of her life, circus offered a new and exciting creative outlet for personal expression through movement. Jenna began her training in Phoenix, Arizona and continued in London, England for a year while completing her MA. After finishing her degree she moved back to Phoenix to pursue circus arts full time, where she taught and performed regularly for private, corporate, and staged events and for some of Phoenix's best nightclubs. She now lives in Brattleboro, VT where she studies lyra and partner acrobatics in the ProTrack Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She is thrilled to be working with SHOW.
  • Jess Hill

    Specialization: Rope, Trapeze

    Jess Hill comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she discovered her love for climbing on things. She grew up immersed in dance and gymnastics, and then began her aerial training at Aerial Space in Asheville, NC. In 2014, she moved to Vermont to attend the NECCA Professional Training Programs. She enjoys teaching people of all ages and abilities, and especially loves Corde Lisse and static Trapeze. Besides circus, she enjoys baking, farming and porch sitting.
  • Joanna Wright

    Joanna Wright is thrilled to be a part of the SHOW community! Her circus journey started when she began a backyard circus on the swing-set at her house, and her mother, afraid that she might break her neck, sent her to Smirkus Camp to learn some real circus skills. Over the next ten years she honed her juggling skills and learned as much aerial fabric as she could, while earning a BA in Dance and Theater from Swarthmore College, and then an MFA in Lecoq-based Actor-created Theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts in conjunction with Naropa University. In 2010, she moved to Austin, TX, and started studying the aerial and circus arts more seriously at the Sky Candy Aerial and Circus Studio. After undergoing several of the Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher Trainings, she began to teach as well, and found that she enjoyed teaching even more than she did performing. She completed NECCA's Intensive Program in 2015/2016, with a major in trapeze and a minor in handstands, and decided not long thereafter that she wanted to return to New England. Now living in Easthampton, Joanna coaches fabric, trapeze, sling, aerial performance, and clowning, among other things, and is also SHOW's Marketing Coordinator. She looks forward to seeing you at the studio!
  • Julie McNeely

    Julie McNeely found circus in 2012 after being inspired by seeing static trapeze for the first time in the film Wings of Desire and has been a devotee of bar apparatuses ever since. She began her training in Boston while working as an academic librarian, and in 2015, she moved to Vermont to train at the New England Center for Circus Arts, where she graduated from the ProTrack program in 2017. Julie’s main areas of focus are static trapeze and lyra, but she has also been known to enjoy some aerial fabric and corde lisse from time to time.
  • Karl Tonge

    Hello! I’m the new office administrator. I use they/them pronouns. I love baking, Crash Bandicoot, and punk music. I’m very excited to be here!
  • Marah MacRostie

    Specialization: Embodyoga® , Unnata® Aerial Yoga & Mindful Yoga Therapy

    Marah is excited to bring together her years of experience in both floor asana practice and aerial acrobatics by teaching aerial yoga here at SHOW. Aerial yoga practice can be strengthening, deeply relaxing, and a lot of fun. Marah is committed to holding a safe, welcoming yoga class, and using body-positive and gender-inclusive language to explore and learn together. Marah received her Embodyoga® Teacher Training at Yoga Center Amherst (2011-present), Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Hartford, CT with Becky Stella (2014), and is among the first group of 100-hour certified teachers of Mindful Yoga Therapy (for Veterans with PTSD) (2015). www.facebook.com/marahyoga
  • Margaret Butterfield


    Margaret fell in love with circus through the flying trapeze. Margaret began flying in 2009 when she went in search of something to relieve the stress of her academic life, and she was immediately hooked. She has a doctorate in Ancient Christian History from Harvard and has taught at Smith and Mount Holyoke, but finds circus to be much more fun. She's been coaching flying trapeze since 2011 at various schools in New England, and is happy to bring her love of trapeze, tumbling, and other circus arts to SHOW. She lives with her partner Henry Wheaton (coach and co-owner of SHOW), one dog, two cats, and the occasional foster kitten and (human) houseguest.
  • Megan Mallouk

    Specialization: Lyra, Static Cloud Swing, Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Megan Mallouk is a former rhythmic gymnast who competed nationally and internationally in her youth. Her love for rhythmics lead her to coaching at Illinois Rhythmic Gymnastics Center in Highland Park, IL, where she taught at both the recreational and competitive level. With a background in theater, dance, and gymnastics Megan made the transition into circus after discovering her love for flying trapeze on a family vacation. She has trained and performed with several companies in Chicago and is a graduate of the full time training program at AirCraft Circus in London and the professional training programs at NECCA in Brattleboro, VT.
  • Naomi Ullian

    Specialization: Fabric

    Naomi Ullian trained in ballet and modern dance for 20 years before crossing paths with a trapeze. She began her aerial training in static trapeze and silks with Aerial Space in Asheville, NC, and went on to study aerial dance and acrobatics with Frequent Flyers. Naomi has completed Residency and Intensive Training Programs at NECCA and is currently enrolled in the Professional Track Training Program. As an instructor, she is fond of scrutinizing body mechanics, exploring conceptual movement, and squealing with excitement when students achieve their goals. When not doing pull-ups or handstands, Naomi practices clinical herbal medicine, writes, and goes foraging at every opportunity.
  • Rachel Hipszer

    Rachel is originally from the sweetest place on Earth where she was a competitive gymnast until she graduated high school. While in high school she discovered her love for aerial arts, specifically fabric, while performing in a local play. In 2011 she moved to the burning depths of South Carolina where she studied Chemical Oceanography and Statistics at USC. Here she joined a local circus troupe named Alternacirque, and later co-founded the troupe Soda City Cirque. Moonlighting as a performer, gymnastics coach, Zumba instructor, and keeper of Zebra fish, she saved up enough money to move to Brattleboro, VT. In 2016, she graduated from the Intensive program at NECCA with a major in Hand-balancing and minor in Aerial Fabric. She has spent her last two summers teaching flying trapeze and circus in the Poconos. When she's not circus-ing, she can usually be found walking or gushing over her two cats, painting, or playing video games. She is happy and excited to be working alongside the amazing crew at SHOW!
  • Ryan Freeze

    Specialization: Slackline, Partner Acrobatics

    Growing up Ryan enjoyed making costumes, keeping fit, and contriving to be the center of attention. He found all these things rolled up into one career: circus.
    Ryan trained partner acrobatics for five years as a serious hobby before getting accepted accepted into the Pro Track program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. While in the program he specialized in partner acrobatics and slackrope. Following his graduation from Necca, Ryan went onto perform with Speakeasy Circus and was regularly on Princess Cruise lines as a Specialty Guest Act. He also has performed at countless festivals and corporate events.
  • Sarah Luce

    Specialization: Lyra

    Sarah’s interest in circus began when she saw her first Cirque du Soleil show at age 12. Her curiosity in circus arts continued for many years until she found SHOW and took her first aerial class in fall 2015, where she quickly took an interest in lyra. Aside from lyra, she practices duo trapeze, flying trapeze and partner acrobatics. Sarah also holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and works locally in the Emergency Department.

  • Tara Jacob

    Operations Support/Instructor
    Specialization: Acrobatics, Object Manipulation, Introductory Aerials

    Tara loves being upside-down! Though she did gymnastics as a child, she got her first taste of contemporary circus as a teenager at The Circus Space in London, England and fell in love with the fun, creativity, and community she found in the circus. Since then, Tara has founded a college circus collective, traveled the USA in two summer street circus tours, and taught flying trapeze and acrobatics at several summer camps. Tara was thrilled to find a training space and circus community at SHOW in spring of 2010. She quickly became an AcroJam enthusiast and was the front desk intern during spring 2011. After completing the 2012-2013 Professional Track program at the New England Center for the Circus Arts, Tara is delighted to be teaching youth classes, juggling, AcroJam, and introductory aerials at SHOW! She is also SHOW's Operations Support.
  • Tom Naro


    I was introduced to Show Circus Studio in 2018 and felt like I had a new home that I could bounce all over. A childhood dream! Henry, Chris and I decided My PT was the right Physical Therapy partner for Show and we continue to build a positive-professional-family relationship. What I love best about being part of Show, are the people! Especially the staff! They are what makes the experience so positive and welcoming.

    Since going to Springfield College for my PT degree, I've learned from great instructors, articles and clients. My "clinical tool-box" is comprehensive and effective for working on muscle and joint imbalances from head to toe. With any physical activity that we strive to improve skills and shape our muscles, there may be times the body needs a handy "mechanic." That's where My PT can help by offering private sessions.

    So more about me... I live in Southwick MA with my soon to be wife Melissa and our 3 fur-babies (shih-tzu's named Maddie, Luna, and Kodak). We love walking together as a family or pedaling as a couple on our road bikes for a few hours. Spending time outdoors is enjoyable for me and I am one of those people who really likes to mow their lawn and cook on the grill.

    I hope to meet as many friendly faces as I can at Show! For more Information about My PT visit mypt.us


    Dr. Tom Naro

  • Meghan McClure

    My name is Meghan McClure, and I have been in the world of circus since I was 7. I grew up in the Silver Lining Circus Camp, and Flying Gravity Circus, where I trained, performed, and also coached as well! I have also been doing gymnastics my whole life- I just started competing in gymnastics decathlon (competing all women's events and men's events) in the past three years.
    I love circus because of how creative you can be while also being active and exploring the limits of what you think you can do. It is a positive place to learn about yourself and grow, as well as just trying new exciting skills!
  • Cailin Young

    Bio coming soon